Download Extra Lives (Zombie Survival Sim) MOD Unlocked 2024:

Extra Lives (Zombie Survival Sim) MOD Unlocked 2024:
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Android 0.5+
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Have you ever thought about the Zombie Apocalypse and their unscrupulous survivors? Everyone must survive and choose different situations statically. Extra Lives Mod APK is a survival Android gaming application that offers a hundred ways of wisely choosing your survival.

In addition, it leads you to the survival stage by experiencing the whole nightmare. Through gaming, you will face many challenges and fun moments. Let’s see what the application is all about!

Introduction of Extra Lives APK:

The developed Mod of Extra Lives is the Extra Lives Mod APK. There is a difference between the moded version and the original version of the APK file. Furthermore, everything is just open in front of all both applications of the app with the 1.150.64 are interesting.

Like another 100working mod app. It downloads all types of apps like X apk, parks, and back. Hence, play and survive in the world of zombies and humans with no heart.

Features of Extra Live Mod APK 2024:

  • Survival Feature: Leaving among the brainless zombies and tolerating them is one of the main features of Extra Lives Mod APK. There are warning factions in the game. They are against each other. But in survival ways, they support each other and fight against zombies. And once they win, then they fight against each other. You can be one of them and fight for the service.
  • Versatile characters: There are 200+ characters in the gameplay. Each of them got the unique fighting talents to kill the zombies. On each step of winning you will get a reward. The rewards help to unlock your next character.
  • 50%+ Roam Location: This Mod APK file allows you to roam and play in 50+ locations. You kill the zombies with the wonderful stories narrated and ensure your survival.
  • Deathmatch and Editor Mode: Another game mod apk Death March allows others to fight, and the editor capacity mod changes the game customization.
  • Extra Lives Free Mod APK: The game is free to play, you can play the game upgrade the gaming, and enhance your gaming experiences. The premium features of Extra Lives mod APK VIP unlocked are completely free for its users.
  • Many Modesto introduce: To ensure your service many modes are about to be discovered. The Infected virus gameplay is one of them. This will help players to ensure your service.

How to play the Extra Lives Mod APK?

Unlock the VIP Extra Lives APK.

  • The RED fist button is attached from either side.
  • The blue hand button is for pick-up or drop-in.
  • Using both buttons on each side, Slid will attempt to the USE
  • Pressing both buttons creates a COMBINE of the objects.
  • Pressing both attackbuttons together Grab the opponent.
  • Double tap for Running.
  • Touch the Health Matter while sleeping.
  • Clock to Puch while other options.

How to download Extra Lives Mod APK 2024?

To download this application, follow the steps and then download the application on your Android phone.

  • Finally, click the link given above and download the application.
  • Then, make sure your Android unknown source apps permission is ON.
  • Then Install the App.
  • After that, Open the app once installed.


What is the Extra Lives app?

Extra Mod Apk is an Android Survival gaming application.

Is it safe to play the Extra Lives Mod Apk?

Yes, Extra Mod is 100% safe to use for Android gaming applications. But make sure you download the application from a trustworthy site.

Is it free to play the Extra Lives Apk?

Yes, The application is free of cost. You will play for your service without paying a single amount.


In short, On downloading the Extra Lives Mod Apk 2024, you will enjoy the gameplay by becoming the lead player. Moreover, this App allows you to become a hero with amazing characters and fight against zombies. Above all, you will get unlimited points and health. You will get limitless opportunities while fighting against zombies.

So, why wait? Just go download the application and start playing the service game.